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Scott Tyrrell

Scott Tyrrell

Newcastle’s finest and award-winning contemporary poetry


Scott has been a poet since the turn of the century. A former member of the Poetry Vandals, he has performed his work around the country, Europe, on a bus, on a plane and Stratford east tube Station in Rush hour. He is author of 2 collections of poetry. Most recently, the warmly received 'Grown Up' published by Red Squirrel Press. He has performed at many festivals including Edinburgh, WOMAD, the Big Chill, Kendal Calling and Glastonbury – where he was blogger in residence in 2015.

He is an award-winning comedian and winner of many major poetry slams, including The Great Northern Slam, The UK Anti-Slam and the BBC Fringe Poetry Slam 2015.


“Scott is instantly likeable. His poetry is so easy to relate to that when he makes me laugh - which he does a lot - I sometimes feel I'm laughing at myself. It's real, human and hilarious.”Anna Freeman

“From BBC Radio 4 to Glastonbury via the Larmer Tree festival and numerous other stages, Scott weaves a tapestry of spoken word leaving audiences entranced. As a performer I am always honoured to share a stage with him”Richard ‘Dreadlockalien’ Grant

“I have been fortunate to perform alongside Scott on a few occasions at both Glastonbury and Larmer Tree festivals, and each time he has astounded the audience and left them simultaneously creased with laughter and wiping their eyes. Poignant, powerful and undoubtedly poetic”Joelle Taylor

“With ‘Grown Up’ Scott Tyrell has shown himself to be both Big and Clever. It is every bit as accessible as you’d expect from a writer who has honed his craft in performance"Matt Harvey

“Scott’s poetry is as funny as the finest stand up comedy with razor sharp punch lines that hit in just the right places. But it also has heart. Scott is one of the best liv stand up poets in the country"Kate Fox

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