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In this section we have specially commissioned poets to choose one of their own poems which has been successful in schools. They tell the story of what inspired them to write that poem and give you a rare insight into the workings of a poet's mind.

Following on from each poem are some of the poet's suggestions for exercises that you could do in the classroom to develop poetic writing. Each poet has approached this in a different way and we hope this gives you a taste of what it might be like to have a poet visit your school.

The Copy Shop
A workshop on Sound & Action by Rosemary Harris
(under 5's)

Contrary Mary Seacole
A Black History workshop on Mary Seacole by Pauline Stewart
(ages 5+)

A workshop on sound by Phil Bowen
(ages 5+)

Revenge of The Television
A workshop on dreams by Francesca Beard
(Ages 7 +)

The Listening Station
A workshop on sounds by Chrissie Gittins
(Ages 7 +)

The Gift of Now 
A workshop on questions by Paul Lyalls
(Ages 7 +)

My Shiny Shoes
A workshop on truth & lies by Margot Henderson
(Ages 7 +)

A workshop about expressing feelings by Jacob Sam La Rose
(Ages 9 + and 12 +)

An Elegy for Two Boys
A workshop dealing with bullying & racism by Raman Mundair
(Ages 11 +)

A workshop on ethics by Roger Robinson
(Ages 12 +)

School Days
A workshop using pictures with words by Ali Gadema (Frisko Dan)
(Ages 13 +)

A Short List of The People I Hate
A workshop on list poems and writing poetry for performance by John Berkavitch
(Ages 14 +).

Served Raw
- A track from our album TwoFive brought to life with a poetry lesson plan written by Kayo Chingonyi

Perspectives - Another track from our album TwoFive brought to life with a poetry lesson plan written by Francesca Beard.

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